100 – A tonne of revered stories

Posted by  Anecdote International —March 23, 2021
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To celebrate 100 episodes, Shawn and Mark discuss what stories from the podcast they use most often and how they use them.

Welcome to our 100th episode of Anecdotally Speaking!

In this week’s episode, and to celebrate 100 episodes, Shawn and Mark look back on some of the stories they have told on Anecdotally Speaking and discuss which ones they tell most frequently.

For each story, they explain what it is, why they like it, and in what circumstances they find themselves telling it.

If you are interested in listening to the full episodes behind the stories, click on the titles below:

  1. 004 – Can’t see the bathroom from the grout
  2. 045 – Old oak forester beams
  3. 040 – Moving forward on a backwards bike
  4. 037 – Fortran reveals Hidden Figures
  5. 029 – Paul revered while Dawes knocked

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