Story programs

Change is hard. How do you get a new idea, approach or behaviour to stick? What do you do to help an individual to change, and what about when you’re charged with a company-wide transformation?

Our story programs offer a new way. A way that supercharges all of your other efforts. A way that engages your people’s emotions as well as their logic.

We call it Story-Powered Communication®.

Our story programs give you new skills, a new approach, that helps you harness emotion and inspire your people, moving your company forward. And we have solutions tailored to online delivery.

Our programs work together to reinforce and support your change effort. Your overarching strategy story creates alignment and a common purpose, while our training programs give your leaders and sellers the ability to engage and inspire at any level. Together, these become your communication foundation.

Story-Powered Strategy™ —Making Strategy Stick
Story-Powered Leadership® —How to influence, engage and inspire
Story-Powered Sales™ —How to connect, influence and sell
Story-Powered Data™ —Data storytelling that inspires action
Story Coaching —Make your communications sparkle
Keynote Presentations —Inspire your team