Do you want to accelerate your story skills?


We love coaching our clients. We get to work directly with sellers and leaders who want to accelerate their story skills.

Story Coaching is an excellent alternative if you can’t attend one of Anecdote’s full-day programs, or if you have a specific presentation that needs to have more impact or a bigger ‘Wow!’ factor. It’s a great way to learn new story skills that can be applied immediately to real-life situations.

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How does it work?

The regular package consists of six one-hour sessions. They’re normally done face-to-face, but we can also do them over the phone or via Zoom.

Each session typically focuses on a specific aspect of storytelling. But if it’s more appropriate, the sessions can be used to craft a presentation, to find and tell stories that give it impact, and to hone your delivery before the big day.

What sort of outcomes can I expect?

Your presentations will have more impact, and people will remember what you said. You’ll feel more confident and authentic, whether you’re presenting, delivering a pitch or just talking informally, because you’ll have a repertoire of stories you can use to make a business point in an interesting and memorable way.

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“Mark is a wonderful coach! I was recently asked to keynote a large presentation, and Mark was such an asset. He quickly got to know me, the subject matter and audience and, with laser precision, shared pragmatic tips to connect with the audience and ensure message saliency (all virtually, nonetheless). The presentation was an overwhelming success, much attributed to Mark’s coaching!”
—Amy Shah, Johnson and Johnson
“I had the privilege of working with Shawn over a 3–6-month period as my team and I sought to find our own stories for a complex change project.
Shawn and Anecdote proved to be a pivotal fulcrum point that challenged my perspective on strategy, leadership, communication and, of course, the power of stories. To say that Shawn is a great storyteller, strategist and communicator is to massively understate what he brings to the table. His true value is his unique lens on life; his alternative perspective; and his limitless reference points from which to gain perspective, insight and inspiration.
While our engagement only lasted a short time, Shawn has continued to be a valuable guide, sharing ideas, challenges and experiences – of course, all through stories.”
—Simon Want, Office of Living Victoria
“I was leading a major restructure and wanted help to engage my team and run a good process. Mark coached me on storytelling to achieve this and it made such a difference to the way I did things. My natural inclination is to use logic but, based on past experience, I knew I needed a different approach to achieve my aims. Mark’s coaching was critical to my confidence and ability to lead this process.”
—Jan McCarthy, New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries
“Taking Shawn’s Story Coaching training was actually life-altering. While it was something I did to improve a presentation I needed to make, it changed how I communicated on a daily basis. The tools gained, when applied, are a bit like a secret superhero power. If you want to have more influence, respect and impact, then Shawn has the process for making it happen.”
—Bonnie Leedy, School Webmasters

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