Do your people understand and care about your strategy?


Are your leaders on the same page about your strategy?

Can your leaders easily explain why the strategic choices have been made in a way that sticks?

Do your leaders feel ownership of the strategy?

Does your strategy inspire action?

Do your people understand how your strategy relates to their day-to-day tasks?

Your answers to these questions will all be ‘Yes’ after you do our Story-Powered Strategy™ program.

It could be your corporate strategy, your change or transformation strategy, your merger strategy, even one of your business line strategies—anything that involves major change. And we offer both face-to-face and online delivery.

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When we asked our customers why they chose Story-Powered Strategy instead of other programs, this is what they told us:

“We’ve done the standard CEO roadshow approach and it doesn’t work.”

“Our leaders are involved in crafting the strategy story and in the process develop ownership of the story.”

“It’s a top-down AND bottom-up approach where stories are found and systematically shared that illustrate the strategy actually happening.”

“Our leaders learn storytelling skills while doing the important job of making our strategy stick.”

“Anecdote has been doing strategy stories for a long time.”

“Other large corporations have done strategy stories with Anecdote, with great results.”

“As always, the materials are gorgeous.”

What will the program do for you and your business?

A shared understanding of your strategy will improve employee engagement.

Senior leaders will all be on the same page regarding the strategy, raising employee confidence.

Leaders throughout the business sharing the same strategy, in their own words, will align staff and inspire action.

Sharing examples of where the strategy is already happening will shift the culture.

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“Allianz Australia partnered with Anecdote to create our strategy story and educate our leaders on how to effectively communicate it. Anecdote were very hands-on in delivering their program, which was well structured, very engaging, and allowed senior leaders to actively participate in the story creation. It was extremely pleasing to then see a significant increase in our annual employee engagement scores. Our employees said that our leaders had more clearly communicated a vision of the future that motivated them, and they could see a clear link between the work they did and the objectives of Allianz.”
—Adam Ryder, Allianz Australia
“When Origin Energy was developing its first real enterprise IT strategy, we wanted a new way to explain to our stakeholders what we were doing and why we were doing it, a way in which everyone could be involved. We then worked with the Anecdote team to roll this out and found that we had provided a gift for all the team, a new skill that we innately have within us called storytelling! It was a great success and, of course, the skills and techniques we learnt from Anecdote stay with us all today.”
—Geoff Wenborn, Origin Energy
“When we decided to engage Anecdote to help us use storytelling to define our enduring purpose, surface our values and determine our next set of strategies, we hoped this would just bring us better results. What we didn’t realise was that the storytelling processes would not only deliver a better strategic story, they’d also ignite the passion of staff across the State Library to participate in ways they’d only dreamt of. After Anecdote had built the capabilities of our story harvesters, they confidently hosted story circles that captured the heart and soul of the library. Not only did the new strategic plan get endorsed, commitment levels throughout the organisation were the highest they’d been in years.”
—Katherine Winlaw, State Library of Queensland
“When you enter the workforce, a strange thing happens. One day you’re a normal person talking about normal things. The next it’s all synergies and moving forward, slide decks and pyramid diagrams. At Envato, we found that our communication of the company strategy was dying somewhere on the vine. The plan was sound, sure. But something just wasn’t clicking in people’s minds when we talked about it … in excruciating detail. Anecdote helped us craft a message in normal person language! We now use the power of simple, personal stories to get across business ideas. And you know what? Now it sticks.”
—Collis Ta’eed, Envato


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