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192 – Americas Cup speed focus – Peter Blake

Sir Peter Blake suggested a single focus for New Zealand’s Americas Cup challenge – only do those things that make the boat go faster – leading to two trophies. Shawn and Mark discuss how a business might use this story to galvanise a team.

Sep 29, 2023

191 – Ben and Jerry take a stand on marriage equality

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream brought their passionate support for community values to life in a light hearted campaign to support marriage quality during 2017. Shawn and Mark discuss this unique plan to increase community awareness and conversation.

Sep 15, 2023

190 – Infancy of the newborn test – Virginia Apgar

The quality of a good question can create insight. Join Shawn and Mark as they discuss the life saving simplicity and humble beginnings of the Apgar Test.

Sep 8, 2023

189 – The last raiders of the lost ark – Harrison Ford – Gary Marshall

Sometime we just have to throw plans out the window as circumstances change. Blistering temperatures in Tunisia caused the simplification of a now iconic fight scene.

Aug 1, 2023

188 – Sydney Opera House – Jorn Utzon – Ove Arup

Can you imagine Sydney Harbour without the Opera House? Well, without 10 years of delays and $90 million in cost overruns the bridge might have been the only feature in the skyline. Join Shawn and Mark for a discussion on podiums, persistence and politics.

Jul 26, 2023

187-Privacy in the EU – Anastasia Dedyukhina – Consciously Digital

If it doesn’t feel right, maybe it’s not? Do the right thing, not the easy thing. We always have the right to choose, so ask questions and resist being made to feel ‘incompetent’. Join Shawn, Mark and Anastasia Dedyukhina from Consciously Digital, as they share stories on digital privacy, attention and switching.

Jun 27, 2023

185 – VR headsets are coming – Ursula Llabres from Meta

The launch of a new product is risky, but to see young people interact with ease can give lots of confidence. In this episode, we discuss this very point with Ursula Llabres product owner at Meta Reality Labs.

Jun 20, 2023

186 – Never give up – Jack Ma

The beauty and power of persistence. This is the story of Jack Ma told by Vika Abromova, the country head of Mars Poland. It’s another business story to tell.

Jun 15, 2023

184 – Don’t push your bias onto others – Fiona Wood

Opinions aren’t facts. Listen to hear how Surgeon Fiona Wood set the record straight when her son’s partner was told to reconsider her chosen career path.

May 16, 2023

183 – Show your work as much as possible – The Caillebotte Seven

We grow to love the things we are exposed to again and again. Listen to hear how the mere exposure effect helped the Caillebotte Seven become the famous painters they are today.

Apr 18, 2023


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