Do your people inspire action that moves your company forward?

For 150 years, organisations approached communication in pretty much the same way. But it’s been mostly ineffective. In 2004, Anecdote started experimenting with a new story-based approach and people really got it. We now bring our story programs to companies in 28 countries and 11 languages. And we deliver these amazing programs virtually and face-to-face.

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The top four ways in which we can help your business:

Do your leaders inspire and engage your employees?




Do your sales folk go beyond features and functions, and help customers feel the impact you’re offering?


Do your people understand and care about your strategy?




Do people understand your data insights, and do these insights inspire decision-makers to act?



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“As one of the world’s best gaming companies, Electronic Arts is a story business. So it’s vital that our top leaders have the oral story skills to engage and inspire our people.
Anecdote’s Story-Powered Leadership program blew us away. It’s practical, engaging, and most importantly, it works. Our leaders were applying their new-found story skills right away, with immediate impact.”
—Andy Billings, Electronic Arts
“For someone who has been in sales for over 25 years, it was extremely useful to revisit effective storytelling, as we all pick up bad habits along the way. This course was a great refresher on storytelling structure.”
—Helen Barrow, Dius
“Anecdote helped Ricoh build strategy story and broader story skills for our leaders and sellers, and the impact has been outstanding. Every day I’m hearing stories now, in internal transformation meetings and in customer presentations. It’s helping Ricoh achieve strategic coherence. We’re going through massive disruption and transformation, yet we remain aligned from the top to the bottom around our purpose, ‘to improve work-life’. Managers understanding and intentionally using the power of storytelling is a big part of that.”
—Andy Berry, Ricoh
“Taking Anecdote’s Story Coaching training was actually life-altering. While it was something I did to improve a presentation I needed to make, it changed how I communicated on a daily basis. The tools gained, when applied, are a bit like a secret superhero power. If you want to have more influence, respect and impact, then Anecdote have the process for making it happen.”
—Bonnie Leedy, School Webmasters
“As part of an 11-day senior academic leadership development program in 2019, we brought in Anecdote to facilitate a session on storytelling. They truly went above and beyond to deliver a user-friendly, relevant and impactful session. At the conclusion of the program, every single group used Anecdote’s storytelling structure while presenting business cases to an executive panel, which resulted in some highly influential pitches. Later, many leaders told me that they’d adopted storytelling not only with their staff but also with their students, enabling them to be better educators by delivering more engaging and meaningful lectures.”
—Christina Kolar, Deakin University

We deliver our programs across 28 countries in 11 languages through our Global Partner Network.



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