Do people really understand what your data is saying; do they care? And will it inspire them to take action?

That’s what we hear. And here are a few more:

Are your audiences lost in the data or just bored senseless by it?

Are your analysts explaining high-value insights or being stuck in the low-value work of merely reporting their data?

Are your people just focusing on visualisation rather than helping data be truly meaningful?

Are you making your data-laden presentations interesting, so your audience wants to know more?

And, do they care? (yep, we’ve said this twice; it’s that important)

Our Story-Powered Data™ program will help remedy these problems.

“The ability to take data—to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualise it, to communicate it—that’s going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades.”
—Dr Hal R. Varian, Chief Economist at Google


Data storytelling is the artful combination of data, story and visualisation to communicate an insight that explains what’s happening, suggests what might happen next, and gives decision-makers the confidence to choose.

Anecdote’s Story-Powered Data is an eight-week training program where you will learn how to discover insights in your data, find and tell compelling stories that explain what’s really happening, and present a way forward that’s persuasive.

Here is how we deliver the program:

Story-Powered Data can be customised using your own data, and delivered either online or face-to-face.

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When we asked our customers why they chose Story-Powered Data instead of other programs, this is what they told us:

“The program is not based on Hollywood storytelling. There are no heroes overcoming challenges, just practical data story tactics.”

“There’s a range of story tactics giving you choices instead of a single way to understand data storytelling.”

“The program is fun and interesting. They tell a lot of great stories.”


“Anecdote provides a method that goes beyond just telling the story of the data. It’s also about creating rapport and understanding the decision-maker.”

Individual coaching really helps make the learning stick.”

They incorporate our data into the program, making it real for our people.”

Data story patterns

What will the program do for you and your business?

Whether you’re a data analyst, data-savvy leader, engineer or scientist, you’ll learn how to effectively present your latest insights, putting them into context so they make sense.

Your audience will ask insightful questions, helping everyone get to a deeper understanding.

And you’ll see collective agreements to take action and know the decision-makers are on the same page.

Effective data storytelling will help every data-driven person in your business.

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“Data analysis is a major capability at Macquarie University. We use it to run our business and to conduct research. But to be truly effective, leaders and analysts must communicate their results with impact. Anecdote’s data storytelling training was ideal. It was practical, insightful and fun to learn. It sparked many new conversations with the data community, and they immediately put their new story skills into practice.”
—Sean Preusse, Macquarie University
“Anecdote’s workshop sessions were engaging and targeted our needs. After the workshop, all participants said they would change the way they presented their data in the future.”
—Ariadne Gorring, BHP Foundation
“I wanted to broaden our senior scientists’ communication skills and have them rethink how they talked about their work. The feedback I got from them after Anecdote’s program was incredibly positive. Even years later, several of the scientists were saying the workshop had transformed how they interacted with customers and research partners, both one-to-one and giving presentations. They felt comfortable going beyond the graphs and data they usually talked about to take a more personal approach, telling their own stories and building rapport.”
—Carrie Bengston, CSIRO


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