Do your salespeople connect easily with prospective clients and close the deals your business needs?


Do your sales and business developers understand the importance of making an emotional connection with future customers?

Is your sales team building trust in your product or service, and more broadly in your market? Are they recognised for their character as well as their knowledge?

Are your salespeople able to sell change? Do they know how to develop a deep understanding of a prospect organisation’s business in order to make the best possible proposal?

Do they confidently manage the inevitable false beliefs and objections that come their way?

Do you have a company story bank for storing and sharing your best company stories with the sales team, a system that gets new team members selling fast?

Our clients achieve all this with our Story-Powered Sales™ program.

Story-Powered Sales is a four-month learning program comprising of a one-day workshop plus a deliberate practice program that will help you establish the habit of business storytelling and build your company story bank.

The best sellers are storytellers, and this program creates a team of storytellers. Ask us about our online delivery options too.

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When we asked our customers why they chose Story-Powered Sales instead of other programs, this is what they told us:

“Anecdote has been doing business storytelling for a long time, since 2004.”

“Story-Powered Sales complements and enhances our existing sales process. There’s nothing else like it.”

“The program is customisable and allows us to embed our own stories.”

“The program is focused on behaviour change, not just training in a workshop.”

“It’s not Hollywood-style storytelling. It’s pragmatic, ideal for busy salespeople.”

“Other large corporations have invested in the program. We are not the first.”

“It’s experience-based learning. Participants tell stories throughout the program – learning by doing.”

“It’s based on research.”

“There are train-the-trainer options so we can deliver the program ourselves.”

“Story-Powered Sales can be delivered locally in 28 countries, in 11 languages, by Anecdote’s global partners.”

“The training materials are gorgeous. Our people love them.”

Story Powered Sales Workshop

What will the program do for you and your business?

You’ll have natural conversations that get to the heart of your client’s situation, without being pushy.

Prospects will infer and absorb your key selling ideas easily, with no extra effort from you. We call that a ‘pull’ strategy.

Your clients will remember you by your stories, so arranging follow-up meetings will be easier.

You’ll learn how to use your day-to-day experiences (your stories) to make and reinforce business points.

You’ll learn specific story patterns with which to move your opportunities from first contact to closure, closing more and better deals.

You’ll be able to help your clients overcome their fears, and you’ll easily manage the false beliefs and objections that arise in the buyer’s mind.

Finally, your personal relationships will improve as you shift to a richer, more human style of communication—sharing stories.

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“Wow, what an amazing training course! Before starting, I was hesitant about the effectiveness of an online training session, as well as learning new sales techniques. I could not believe how engaging it was online and how connected I felt to the class. Having the ability to take in smaller sessions was, in my opinion, an advantage, as it gave valuable time in between the sessions to consolidate learning and practice the techniques—with great coaching. I’m looking forward to the post-course coaching and have no hesitation in recommending the online course.”
—Claire Visser, Interserve
“Anecdote’s insights into using stories provide a natural and innovative approach to solving my sales cycle problems. I’ll be using my story-creating and storytelling techniques both internally and externally to be more persuasive in both areas.”
—John Hoffmann, Nokia
“Whether you’re looking to influence via business presentations to an audience or in a face-to-face discussion, the ability to leverage stories is incredibly powerful. Anecdote understand this. Their workshops help with structure and delivery, bringing individual stories to life.”
—Malcolm Ferguson, Oracle
“I attended a workshop run by Anecdote. They did a fantastic job of teaching how to structure a story to have the desired impact on your target group. We learned how different ways of telling a story change the dynamics in a conversation and the potential outcomes. I can really recommend this training for executives wanting to improve their engagement skills with key customers.”
—Fabian Seibold, Deloitte Private
“I recommend the Story-Powered Sales workshop. The skills gained are beneficial to salespeople but also to people who are looking to better market themselves or their company, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. Technical people who find themselves in sales, but are unprepared for the relationship building and self-promotion aspects that come with it, will be much more comfortable in these situations if they have experience in selling their story, their successes and their competence.”
—Claire Keoghan, Ericsson


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