We’ve shared oodles of information about storytelling over the years. Since our first blog post in 2004, we’ve published over 1,500 posts, written two books, Putting Stories to Work and Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell, and produced umpteen articles and a truckload of podcasts, videos and webpages, all in the service of helping people become better oral storytellers.

Yep, we like to share, and this learning page is designed to help you find the good bits.


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The Anecdote Blog is where we share our latest thinking and musing, mainly practical ideas for leaders and sellers.

To get you started, we recommend these six posts:
  1. Learn how to spot stories
  2. Know how to put your point before your story
  3. Why you should develop your connection stories
  4. How to tackle anti-stories
  5. Adapting a podcast story to add to your repertoire
  6. What makes a compelling story?


Anecdotally Speaking

Our podcast, Anecdotally Speaking, has a simple objective: to help you build your business story repertoire. In each episode we share a story you could retell at work to make a business point. We then talk about why it works, how to make it even better, and what other business points you could make with it. Just add it to your personal story bank.

In our first year on air (2018) we were nominated for an Australian Podcast Award.

Here are our four most popular episodes:


Get the definitive guide to corporate storytelling here…


Here is a list of the articles we have written. We recommend you start with our definitive guide to corporate storytelling. You’ll find it here. Then, check out our three vital business storytelling tips.



Here are the books we have written:



Here is a selection of keynote presentations and webinar recordings we’ve made available online:

We also have a library of short videos you can browse through on our YouTube channel.


The Story Test

We built The Story Test to help you build your skill in identifying stories.

There are 10 questions. For each, you just have to decide whether or not the example given is a story. It’s harder than you think. Click here to give it a go.



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Story Finder

Need a story to tell? We share a lot of stories in our blog posts, so we decided to gather them with our Story Finder so you can quickly get your hands on a useful story.


Anecdotally Sunday

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Seven Tips to be a Better Business Storyteller

Are you looking for an introduction to business storytelling? Or are you hoping to refresh your existing storytelling skills? This online course will sharpen your business storytelling skills. Shawn Callahan shares the tips he normally saves for his coaching clients. You can access the course for just US$49.