“Scale, Climate, Inclusion!”: How stories can tackle your organisation’s biggest challenges


Join me, Rob Grundel, in an hour’s deep dive into some of the most pressing themes facing organisations today. I’ll share stories from research on how companies are scaling, their challenges around inclusion and why it is so hard for people to get on board with climate-related information.

I’ll also share story techniques that I believe are key for leaders to know. These techniques are no silver bullet, but they are incredibly useful.

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Before COVID-19, when I was coaching leaders on strategy, many strategies were inward-focused. The key drivers were frequently around getting funding and hiring processes which lead to growth.

Now emerging from the global pandemic with greater awareness, our challenges appear more shared.

With so many organisations adopting hybrid working, inclusion is an everyday problem. How can everyone be included meaningfully when collaboration happens between postage stamp-sized avatars beamed around the world? Annual planning cycles are ineffective in this environment; instead, organisations require continuous collaborative planning.

Increasingly extreme weather conditions are impacting supply chains. It’s clear there’s a runway for organisations pursuing net zero. How can stories about climate change be shared without it only feeling like panic or loss?

Many organisations are now in a constant hiring cycle as there’s a shortage of knowledge workers. At the same time, many people are leaving their jobs, so retention and succession planning has become vital.

Within all this, time is short, so when there is an opportunity to communicate a key message, it needs to land the first time. How can a potential recruit know that your organisation is the one they belong in? How does everyone know the growth strategy, and how can they play their part (especially in the middle of a huge hiring cycle)? How can an organisation hear more information and ideas from everybody, especially front-line employees?

As a leader, storytelling (and other story work) is crucial to master to be clear, inspiring and more effective.

Our 60-minute webinar addresses these topics.

In the webinar, you will:

  • Hear concrete examples of where organisations are responding meaningfully to these challenges;
  • Learn two communication tools and approaches that you can begin to use to tackle these challenges immediately; and
  • Be able to ask questions and have a discussion around these topics.

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Rob Grundel is a Principal at Anecdote International. He has coached individual leaders and facilitated rooms around the world for companies like Capco, Siemens and Mastercard.
He has helped craft keynotes, strategies, change narratives and ways of working. At the heart of all this work is finding the shared story in the room. Rob is also a musician and producer. He is based near Melbourne in Australia.