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Anecdote eBook image: The Ultimate Guide to Anecdote CirclesOrganisations are becoming more complex every day. As the number of connections increases, understanding root causes becomes impossible. We need a way to make sense of the messiness we face.

Interviews and surveys are no longer sufficient. They typically come laden with pre-determined thoughts of what the investigators might find, and interviewees and survey respondents seem to fall into a mode of response based on what they think the enquirer wants to hear. Stories, meanwhile, reflect the messiness of our organisations. They reveal values and beliefs and, when told in a group, create an informal environment of exploration that reveals insights no one can predict from the outset. And organisations are full of them.

We use Anecdote Circles to collect stories from groups of people. Anecdote Circles are like focus groups, but instead of eliciting opinions, we elicit stories.

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Shawn Callahan, Founder & Director, Anecdote

Shawn is the author of the award-winning Putting Stories to Work. He is the founder of Anecdote, one of the world’s leading business storytelling consultancies. Shawn works around the world helping leaders find and tell their stories so their message is clear and memorable. He has had the privilege of assisting Global 1000 companies such as IBM, Shell, Mars and KPMG.

Mark Schenk, Managing Director, Anecdote

Mark is one of the world’s leading business storytelling consultants. He has been a Director of Anecdote since 2004, and has helped the company grow into the world’s largest business storytelling enterprise, operating in over 28 countries in 11 languages. He works globally with senior leadership teams to improve their ability to communicate clearly and memorably.