Do you know how to tell a success story so your prospect can see and feel their future success?

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It’s one thing to assert that your product or service is successful, but buyers really only believe it when they see it happening. That’s where success stories come in. Success stories change your buyer’s mind by allowing them to experience the benefits of your products and services vicariously via a successful client. The buyer learns how someone in a similar situation to them followed your guidance and succeeded, allowing them to feel less anxious about their decision. 

Success stories are not case studies. Case studies have become formulaic marketing tools: “This was the situation, this is what we did, and here’s how great things are now.” (Aren’t we wonderful?) Situation, solution, result. A success story is a narrative told from the perspective of a client who has achieved success. They resonate with clients as they are able to see themselves in the same position and see themselves succeed similarly. 

Download our free webinar recording and you’ll learn how to tell specific, visual, and memorable success stories using our six-part framework.

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Mike Adams, Head of Story-Powered Sales, Anecdote

Mike Adams is the Head of Story-Powered Sales™ at Anecdote and the author of Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell, an international bestseller. He is an expert facilitator and story consultant who has helped numerous national and international companies, across many industries, tap into Story-powered Sales.