Do you engage people’s emotions and logic when you are speaking with them?

Watch the recording of Mark Schenk’s #digitalks keynote presentation and learn how story-powered communication will help you engage, influence, and inspire

In March, Anecdote’s Managing Director, Mark Schenk, gave a 45-minute presentation at a #Digitalks event hosted by Firebrand and Aquent. Mark likens the keynote to ‘driving through a small town in New Zealand. You want to see it all, but you are only in the country for a couple of days. You don’t have time to stop and look, so you drive through in third-gear and say, “Ah! That’s an interesting place. I must come back here!”’ Compared to our story programs, the keynote gives ‘a third-gear tour through the use of story.’

Throughout the presentation, Mark explores the choices we have as communicators, explaining the difference between story and assertion. He provides a few practical applications of story, which you can use right away.

Watch the keynote and learn how to:

  • Spot a story so that you can access the benefits of storytelling;
  • Explain a change using the clarity story structure; and
  • Avoid the ‘s’ word and improve how you tell stories.

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Mark Schenk, Managing Director, Anecdote

Mark is one of the world’s leading business storytelling consultants. He has been a Director of Anecdote since 2004 and has helped the company grow into the world’s largest business storytelling enterprise, operating in over 28 countries in 11 languages. He works globally with senior leadership teams to improve their ability to communicate clearly and memorably.