Stories provide a simple and effective way to cultivate innovation

Watch the recording of Shawn Callahan’s 2020BIIF keynote presentation and learn eight story-based techniques you can use to foster innovation in your organisation

Shawn Callahan, Anecdote’s Founder, was invited to present at the 2020 Bendigo Invention + Innovation Festival (2020BIIF). He gave a keynote presentation titled Seven ways to use storytelling to foster innovation. We’ve now made the 17-minute recording available to watch on demand.

When we share and hear stories of innovation, we discover what’s possible: we learn what to do, what to avoid, who to work with, who to avoid, and how to get things done. But, in our world of work, work, work, and now work from home, there seem to be fewer spaces to hear these stories. We need to make space for them. In Seven ways to use storytelling to foster innovation, Shawn (contrary to the title) shares eight story-based techniques that you can employ within your organisation to support innovation.

Shawn also wrote a blog post based on this presentation and the section on innovation in our definitive guide to corporate storytelling, Corporate Storytelling—The Essential Guide.

Watch the keynote and learn how to:

  • Hear failure stories;
  • Hear problem-solving stories;
  • Hear success stories;
  • Hear organisational innovation stories;
  • Tell future stories;
  • Tell connection stories;
  • Trigger stories about your work;
  • Combat anti-stories.

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Shawn Callahan, Founder & Director, Anecdote

Shawn is the author of the award-winning Putting Stories to Work and one of the world’s leading business storytelling consultants. He is the founder of Anecdote, the world’s largest business storytelling enterprise that operates in over 28 countries in 11 languages. Shawn works around the world helping leaders find and tell their stories so their message is clear and memorable. He has had the privilege of assisting Global 1000 companies such as IBM, Shell, Mars and KPMG.