Our first Anecdote Partner Conference – A gathering of storytellers in Palm Cove

Posted by  Lucy Honeywell —September 9, 2015
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In July the Anecdote team (unfortunately minus Helen) spent 3 days in Palm Cove for our first Partner Conference. The location was magnificent.

We were joined by partners from across Australia and even from India.

The gathering of storytellers


The first session was an open space. The Partners wrote down concerns or suggestions and we used those topics to have a great conversation throughout the afternoon.

It was terrific to be amongst a bunch of experienced and good storytellers. I picked up lots of tips and tricks.

On day two we launched Storytelling for Leaders version two. The Partners talked through the updates, such as the change to our Deliberate Practice Program, and we gave them an experience of the new activities. We could sense the excitement in the room to try out the new format.

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Everything was well received so we took the afternoon off to visit Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

The beach was a beauty but when we snorkelled we couldnt find good coral spots to explore. A sign of global warming perhaps or just our lack of knowledge of the best diving sites?


Introducing the Storytelling for Sales program

On Saturday we gathered back in our hotel conference room and introduced everyone to the new Storytelling for Sales program. This was the big announcement that everyone had been waiting for.

Storytelling for Sales is designed for sales teams and their managers. It is a six month program with the initial workshop running over two days to give sellers more hands-on practice.

The program uses live opportunities brought to the table by the delegates, so they can actually progress their sale while they learn. We also provide coaching in those vital first 4-6 weeks after the workshop.

If you would like to know more, check it out here, or feel free to get in contact with Shawn or Mark.

Home made vintageAnecdote wine!

We finished the day, and the conference, with a dinner with some vintageAnecdote wine that Shawn and Mark bottled several years ago. We were a little worried we might all get poisoned by the brew but it still tasted pretty good.

We had a great time up there, and not just because it was sunny. It was a brilliant opportunity to get to know each other better, have a barbie or two and a great place to introduce Storytelling for Sales to the Partners.

Thanks to all those who came. We are already thinking about where to hold it next year.

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