192 – Americas Cup speed focus – Peter Blake

Posted by  Anecdote International —September 29, 2023
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Sir Peter Blake suggested a single focus for New Zealand’s Americas Cup challenge – only do those things that make the boat go faster – leading to two trophies. Shawn and Mark discuss how a business might use this story to galvanise a team.

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Everybody working in the same direction

New Zealand Americas Cup challenge 1995

1992 Yachtsman Sir Peter Blake OBE born 1948, called to lead

Initial campaign failed

Tanned, tall, with shock of blonde hair

Single focus ‘Anything that makes the boat go faster’

Won in 1995 and 2000

NZ, only foreign team to defend the cup

Met demise (shot) when pirated in the Amazon – only 53 years of age

Prior to P’s death, 1998 UK rowing 8 man team used same ‘faster boat’ principle to win gold at 2000 Olympics

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