193 – Rolling Stones songwriting – Andrew Loog Oldham

Posted by  Anecdote International —October 6, 2023
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Andrew Loog Oldham at 19 years of age was the Rolling Stones first manager. By suggesting that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger start writing original songs, a 50 year plus collaboration was born (affectionately now known as the ‘Strolling Bones’ ;>). Shawn and Mark discuss how a business might use this story to explain both the value of copying masters, and encouraging innovation.

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1963 Andrew Loog Oldman

19 Years of age

First band management job was the Rolling Stones. Managed for first 4 years

Got them a recording contract with Decca (who had previously turned down the Beatles)

Stones played covers like all bands of the time

Richards and Jagger told to write original songs – little previous experience

Famous names can make a story quicker to tell and visualise

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  1. Ignacio Inchausti says:

    He Gents – another business point might be: “don’t give up after the first challenge”.

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