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The origins of Earth hour

Posted by  Mark Schenk —July 24, 2010
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Earth Hour has been held annually since 2007, in late March. In that first year, Earth Hour focussed on getting one city, Sydney, to switch off its lights for 60 minutes. In 2010, over 1 billion people participated in 128 countries and over 4000 cities. Where did this global phenomenon originate? What forces were arrayed […]

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Community of Practice – Green Ninjas

Posted by  Mark Schenk —June 24, 2010
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I had a great day on Tuesday exploring a Community of Practice that has formed within a NSW local government council. This group call themselves the green champions and 40 representatives across the council participate to make sustainability an integral part of every staff member’s daily activities. The aim is to ‘show by doing’. Some […]

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Humanity at work

Posted by  Mark Schenk —June 17, 2010
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Last night I started reading Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. I highlighted a phrase in the introduction that really stood out for me. This morning I was looking through my notebook and came across notes from a conversation I had with Shawn on 19 March this year after he had read […]

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I remember you

Posted by  Mark Schenk —May 7, 2010
Filed in Anecdotes, Business storytelling

Why do you remember some people and completely forget others? In February 2008 I ran some some sessions for a client at a site in Homebush in suburban Sydney. We were collecting examples from staff about engagement – examples about things that had motivated them or disengaged them. The examples were used to identify actions […]

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Company Command

Posted by  Mark Schenk —May 4, 2010
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What if a single warrior could have the knowledge of thousands? In the late 1990s, Nate Allen and Tony Burgess (both US Army Captains) sat on their back porches in Hawaii and swapped stories about their experiences as company commanders and pondered the question above. They had a vision about connecting all company commanders in […]

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A million versus a billion

Posted by  Mark Schenk —May 1, 2010
Filed in Communication

We have been keeping in touch with Kevin Bishop in the UK since running our Influencing Change workshops earlier in the year. A useful idea when trying to achieve change is to make the invisible visible. Kevin has just sent us an excellent example of this. One of the main issues in the United Kingdom […]

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Excusable delay

Posted by  Mark Schenk —April 20, 2010
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You know the feeling. You are waiting in a cafe for a meeting and its 10 minutes past the agreed time…am I in the right place, is it the right day? Well, that was me on Monday morning. About 15 minutes late, Carolyn Tate arrived. She explained that as she was leaving for the meeting […]

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Influencing change using stories

Posted by  Mark Schenk —March 16, 2010
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In late February and early March we ran workshops in Melbourne and Sydney with Kevin Bishop from the UK. The workshops focussed on Influencing Change using Stories. Until recently, Kevin was heading the change activities for 60,000 staff at the Royal Bank of Scotland. We learned heaps and the feedback from participants was fantastic. The […]

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The people part of change

Posted by  Mark Schenk —February 3, 2010
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In late May 2009 I was invited to advise on change management on a big project in Sydney. The client was a medium size logistics organisation with a history of poor performance, low staff engagement and sub-standard customer service. They were in the midst of something of a crisis. They had been directed to substantially […]

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Trusting the system

Posted by  Mark Schenk —January 4, 2010
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Registered Post is reliable system for getting important items from one place to another, right? Well read on – you might re-think your answer. Last night Con and Faye, old friends from Queensland, came over for dinner. As is usual in these circumstances, the beer and wine flowed and the conversation was non-stop as we […]

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