174 – We have enough – Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller

Posted by  Anecdote International —January 25, 2023
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Don’t strive for excess; be content with ‘enough’. Listen to hear the Joseph Heller quote that inspired his friend Kurt Vonnegut’s tribute poem.

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This week, Shawn tells a 1-minute story shared by Kurt Vonnegut, the author of Slaughterhouse-Five, in a poem he wrote as a tribute to Joseph Heller, his friend and fellow author, after he passed away. The New Yorker first published the poem in 2005. 

Despite its short length, the story prompts Shawn and Mark to discuss what makes a good story and how long stories should be. So we think you’ll get a lot out of this episode! 

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This story starts at 02:55

Kurt Vonnegut and his friend and fellow author, Joseph Heller, went to a party at a billionaire’s mansion in Shelter Island, New York.

They walked in and found themselves in a room filled with artwork by the likes of Monet and Picasso, like an art gallery.

Vonnegut turned to Heller and asked, “How does it make you feel that our host only yesterday may have made more money than your novel, Catch-22, earned in its entire history?”

Heller replied, “Yeah, but I have something he doesn’t have. I have enough.”

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