093 – Green team schemes screen fiends

Posted by  Anecdote International —February 2, 2021
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Emotion leads to action. Listen to hear how an internal group’s sustainability initiative resulted in behaviour change.

In this week’s episode of Anecdotally Speaking, Mark shares the story of a previous client of his, who had an internal group make outstanding behaviour change efforts with one small note.

Shawn mentioned how emotion is a driving force for change and referenced a recent episode of Freakonomics. To listen to the episode on disgust, click here. And to read more on this topic, check out Shawn’s book, Putting Stories to Work

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In 2009, an NSW local government council looked to improve their sustainability practices, both internally and within their community.

The council had an internal group called the Green Champions that consisted of 40 people in the organisation across various disciplines.

They organised initiatives that they thought were useful in making the council more sustainable internally and helping their community be more sustainable.

One of the things that had been a focus for the council was reducing energy consumption. For years they had internal messaging around turning off computers and monitors each night, but with minimal results.

With their Green Ninja mascot, the Green Champions decided to gather after hours and make their way through their building checking if the staff had turned their computers and monitors off.

If they had turned their computers off, the Green Ninja would leave a small ‘well done’ note and a bar of fair-trade chocolate. If they had not, the Green Ninja would leave a ‘not happy’ message and no chocolate.

The next morning, some people were happy, and some people were quite embarrassed and upset.

The CEO had come in early and had seen the notes on the desks. She quickly sent an email around to all staff congratulating the Green Champions on a great initiative.

After that day, energy consumption went down significantly.

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