Learn how to use storytelling to change company culture

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —October 30, 2018
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As you may already know, I’ll be in Silicon Valley this December to deliver two of our storytelling programs, Storytelling for Sales and Story-powered Culture Change. We’ve mentioned the programs on Anecdotally Speaking and on our social media, but I wanted to give you more information about Story-powered Culture Change, as this is the first time we are offering the program as a public workshop.

The program itself isn’t new. We’ve been using our story-powered approach to culture change for nearly twenty years now. We’ve applied it to some of the world’s leading businesses, including KPMG, IBM, AstraZeneca and Fuji Xerox. 

If you choose to come along to our one-day workshop, you will learn techniques for discovering and collecting anecdotes in your business; making sense of those stories; and designing complexity-based interventions to nudge your culture in a new direction.

Here’s a short video where I explain what we’ll get up to: 

Our workshop is suited to anyone responsible for large-scale culture change.

Our approach is best suited to seemingly intractable cultural challenges where traditional techniques have failed, such as:

  • improving diversity and inclusion; 
  • remedying poor leadership; 
  • enhancing employee engagement; 
  • cultivating high-performing teams; 
  • discovering purpose and values.


If you’d like more information click here. You can also contact us. 

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