Moments are Powerful: Storytelling Workshop in Spain

Posted by  Mark Schenk —July 10, 2018
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Some of the most important parts of stories are specific moments. It’s these particular moments that we think of when remembering a story we’ve been told. The Heath brothers published their latest book, Moments, in late 2017. In it they explain how our lives are made up of moments – when you pass your driver’s test, hold your child for the first time, receive a letter saying your mortgage has been paid off, etc.

Moments are one of the things that we focus on in our programs. It’s easy to avoid using them because we’ve been taught in business to stay away from the specifics when communicating. And yet, when used well they are enormously powerful.


Antonio Banderas describes the moment Spain won the World Cup well in this video. He gives some small details about the moment, such as the town in Spain he was in and what the room looked like. It’s easy to picture him sitting in the theatre-style lounge, yelling at the screen in typical sporting fan fashion.

Banderas shares this moment without a particular purpose as part of the interview. Even without a driving point, it’s still memorable.

In our Storytelling for Leaders program we give you the skills you need to use moments with purpose and in the right context to achieve better business results.

Come and join us in Madrid on 5th September and learn how to use stories to influence, engage and inspire. You can buy tickets and find more information here.

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