Social media demands honesty

Posted by  Mark Schenk —September 12, 2008
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I spent a fair bit of Thursday at the Melcrum Strategic Communications Summit in Sydney, where one of our clients was presenting on the use of narrative in their manager development program, exploring their OCI results and embedding their new corporate values.

One of the other speakers told how their CEO started blogging internally (at the behest of the comms team). Initially, much of the blog content was written by the comms team…and surprise, surprise, no-one took any notice. It wasn’t until the CEO started blogging about things like how he spent his weekend (at the Saints game with his son) that staff started reading his blog. The speaker correctly identified that people are not interested in the ‘corporate speak’ on the blog – it just isn’t credible. And that it felt a little dishonest having the content done by the comms team.

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