Context is king

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —September 10, 2008
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In case there are still people out there who believe we act as rational decision makers, take this scenario.

You’re in a shop to buy a new ipod and you hear from a friend that two blocks down the street you can get the same one $50 cheaper.

Do you go?

Yes. Of course. It’s $50 buck straight back in your pocket.

You are in a shop buying a multi-thousand dollar flat-screen TV. You hear from a friend that you can get the same TV two blocks down the street for $50 cheaper.

Do you go?

Of course not. It’s not worth the effort.


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2 Responses to “Context is king”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Maybe you wouldn’t. I would, and then I’d report back to the first store to see if it could give me a better deal.
    I got a similar question from a professor – you buy very expensive tickets to a game/show/event you’ve always wanted to see. You get there (all dressed up, got a babysitter, etc.), only to discover you’ve lost the tickets. Do you buy more? Probably yes. But would you buy more if you’d made the discovery the day before the event? A week before?

  2. Shawn Callahan Says:

    My mother definitely would as well. In fact she has been know to drive for over 30 minutes to get three tubs of butter for a saving of a couple of bucks and not realising the petrol costs.
    Your ticket example is a beauty. I’d imagine many people wouldn’t buy the new tickets if the discovery was made earlier unless it was an Arctic Monkeys concert.

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