Narrative-based Change Management

Posted by  chandni —September 9, 2008
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Our new workshop now has a new name. We’re calling it
Putting Stories to Work: Delivering meaningful Change and Engagement
What managers need today is a tool that empowers them to inspire people into action. Narrative techniques can deliver a range of benefits to an organization. It’s just a matter of learning the techniques and then putting them to practice.
We’ve redesigned our narrative techniques workshop with a focus on engagement. Over two days we aim to teach managers how to create a resolve among their staff so that they see the value of the change efforts being undertaken in the organization and participate enthusiastically.
There will be lots of opportunities to practice the techniques and learn from each other’s feedback during the sessions. Join us on November 11 and 12 in Melbourne. And if you’re keen for us to come to your city, we’d love to hear from you.
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A big thanks to Dave Pollard, Nerida Hart, Chris Colton, Luke Naismith, Jeff de Cagna , and Bret Treasure for their suggestions on the workshop name. The conversations triggered some good ideas.

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