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When collaboration becomes the way we work

Posted by  chandni —November 10, 2008
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Google is considered synonymous with innovation. How do they create the conditions for people to do great work? It can’t simply be a result of this. I saw Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) talk on the Nature of Innovation. Excellent 3 min video. It’s interesting that at Google, people do not sit in business units […]

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Creating a culture where people have conversations

Posted by  chandni —November 7, 2008
Filed in Anecdotes, Communication

Many (most?) of our conversations in the workplace are transactional: in fact they are not conversations at all. In the October issue of Anecdotally, we shared a technique to encourage people to have conversations. Here’s a nice success story about how a culture was created where people have conversations. “The London office was horrible”, a […]

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The behaviour of networks

Posted by  chandni —November 5, 2008
Filed in Business storytelling, Culture

Here’s a great ABC documentary on Network Theory: How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer. It illustrates the six degrees of separation phenomenon using the idea of synchronization, the paradox of small worlds, bacon numbers – a game showing how every hollywood actor is linked to Kevin Bacon, the structure of the internet and its hubs, how […]

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Building a Collaborative Workplace workshops in November

Posted by  chandni —October 29, 2008
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We’re running our last workshops for 2008 this month. If you’re interested in coming along to our Building a Collaborative Workplace workshop, the dates are: Perth: November 5 Sydney: November 26

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Quote on Significance and meaning

Posted by  chandni —October 28, 2008
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“The size of the endeavor doesn’t matter as much as how meaningful it becomes to you.” credit:

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Practising the art of creating possibilities

Posted by  chandni —October 2, 2008
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People respond so differently to new ideas. While some people jump with excitement at the thought of new possibilities and irrational ideas, unfamiliarity can others uncomfortable, give up, or find it safe to be a skeptic. This is so well illustrated in this conversation between Alice and the queen in Through the Looking Glass. “I […]

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What Business Leaders can learn from Politicians: Telling stories

Posted by  chandni —September 22, 2008
Filed in Business storytelling

The world’s been carefully watching Obama vs McCain. It’s interesting to see how the media are comparing their stories: Obama’s parents’ American dream, McCain’s journey in Vietnam, Sarah Palin’s hockey mom experiences, and Joe Biddin’s childhood struggles. Who tells the best stories? Whose stories make the most impact? While politicians have mastered the art of […]

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Narrative-based Change Management

Posted by  chandni —September 9, 2008
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Our new workshop now has a new name. We’re calling it Putting Stories to Work: Delivering meaningful Change and Engagement What managers need today is a tool that empowers them to inspire people into action. Narrative techniques can deliver a range of benefits to an organization. It’s just a matter of learning the techniques and […]

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Finding customer stories

Posted by  chandni —May 20, 2008
Filed in Anecdotes

Every organisation has a set of values, most even live by them, but how many have successfully embedded the right behaviours that reflect those values every day? This weekend I read an interesting anecdote in What the customer wants you to know that led me to think about this. A senior manager of a financial […]

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Global Storytelling – Pangea Day

Posted by  chandni —May 7, 2008
Filed in Business storytelling, Events

May 10 is Pangea Day. A great opportunity to get inspired! Storytellers from all over the world will tell their stories about humanity to humanity. 24 short films have been selected (from the thousands submitted) based on their ability to inspire, transform, and help us see the world through another person’s eyes. Check out this […]

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