207 – Control is an Illusion – Barbra Streisand

Posted by  Anecdote International —June 18, 2024
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In Episode 207 of Anecdotally Speaking, learn the origin of “The Streisand Effect” and uncover its powerful lesson on perseverance in business.

In Episode 207 of Anecdotally Speaking, Shawn shares a compelling and relatable story inspired by the recent spotlight on Vincent Namatjira’s portrait of Gina Reinhart. This story explains the origin of the term “The Streisand Effect.”

Today’s story demonstrates the illusion of control, especially in business, and the power of perseverance, showing that repeated efforts can eventually lead to great success.

In addition to the main story, three mini-stories are included, offering valuable additions to your story bank.

For your story bank

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The story begins at 0:24

A photographer took photos for a non-profit scientific research project studying coastal erosion. Inadvertently, one of the photos included Barbra Streisand’s mansion, although it wasn’t labeled as such. Streisand filed a $50 million lawsuit against the photographer for including her house. This lawsuit drew significant attention to the photo, increasing its views from just 6 to over a million in a month. Ironically, without the lawsuit, the photo would likely have remained obscure. This incident gave rise to the term “The Streisand Effect.”

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