206 – Necessity is the Mother of Invention – John Sipe

Posted by  Anecdote International —June 11, 2024
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Explore how John F. Sipe’s 1919 innovation provides lessons in business problem-solving and challenging the status quo.

In Episode 206 of Anecdotally Speaking, Mark tells a fascinating story from 1919 about John F. Sipe, a New York slaughterhouse worker who invented a simple solution to an everyday problem. Little did he know that his innovation would eventually impact almost every person on Earth.

Today’s story exemplifies the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and highlights how great ideas might not always find immediate success. In a business setting, this story can inspire innovative problem-solving and underscore the importance of testing ideas before their real-world application.

Additionally, Mark and Shawn discuss how to overcome common barriers in business storytelling, providing insights that can help turn challenges into opportunities.

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This story starts at 2:06:

John F. Sipe worked in a New York slaughterhouse in 1919. The working conditions were very poor with the floors constantly being covered in blood and gore. Sipe became tired of constantly slipping on this surface in his gumboots and decided he needed to come up with a solution. He used a knife to cut many little slits in the soles of his boots to increase traction. Immediately this solution solved his problem and he thought his solution would also apply to car tires. He then filed a patent for solid rubber car tires which was shortly approved in 1923. Unfortunately, siping did not work on the solid rubber tires used at the time. It wasn’t until 1939 when his son Harry Sipe applied siping to balloon tires, that his innovation became effective, however, large-scale takeup didn’t occur until the 1950’s. Fast forward to the present day, in which every tire has sipes.

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