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Posted by  Anecdote International —June 27, 2023
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If it doesn’t feel right, maybe it’s not. Do the right thing, not the easy thing. We always have the right to choose, so ask questions and resist being made to feel ‘incompetent’. Join Shawn, Mark and Anastasia Dedyukhina from Consciously Digital as they share stories on digital privacy, attention and switching.

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Tags: privacy, attention span, switching, GDPR, security

This story starts at 23:04

‘Mobile world congress’ mid pandemic

Passport digitally uploaded – she said no – ultimatum (felt wrong)

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation applies to the EU – the strongest privacy and security law in the world)

Attended online instead

Took action – MW Fined EU 200,000 for breach of GDPR

Anastasia got lots of media attention

Accidental privacy advocate – esp. role of AI in decision making

e.g. likelihood of criminal record or mortgage default risk

Calling for social discussion and input

Anastasia felt disrespected, belittled

Refusal to attend was a good turning point in the story

Standing up for values (and legal rights)

Should you just accept the rules if the downside seems too high?

Asking questions does not imply ‘incompetence’

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