185 – VR headsets are coming – Ursula Llabres from Meta

Posted by  Anecdote International —June 20, 2023
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The launch of a new product is risky, but to see young people interact with ease can give lots of confidence. In this episode, we discuss this very point with Ursula Llabres product owner at Meta Reality Labs.

Welcome back to a new Anecdotally Speaking episode.
– how the next generation enjoys new technology gives us an insight into how successful a new product might be
– the next generation has little trouble with new technology

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This story starts at 03:48

Ursula’s god daughter, 13 years old (Natalie – known as ‘Nata’) tried on AR head set

Not only ‘no training required’, but reconfigured Ursulla’s virtual ‘home page’ (landing space/virtual office) for her

From a warm open fire side to viewing the solar system from space

Nata also reflected with excitement on how the AR experience would be great for school applications

IDC estimates ‘future of work’ investment in 2026 to be $650 billion (larger potential than Facebook)

Pfizer use XR (Extended Reality) in manufacturing

Results: training (40% faster), production speed (up 20%), and quality/efficiency (300% improvement) > social benefit – faster delivery of vaccinations

Access the ’13 year old (beside and) inside of us’

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