A little story for a Friday

Posted by  Kevin Bishop —March 1, 2013
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As the proud father of two boys aged 4 and 2, I just had to share this story I saw yesterday. I could picture this exact scenario happening with my eldest son.

At the grocery store a 4-year-old boy is running around doing superhero moves with a fierce expression and making a bit of a spectacle of himself.

A lady says, “Hello, young man, what’s your name?

In his best growly, grown-up voice, he says “I’m BATMAN.

The lady laughs. “I mean, what’s your real name?

Again: “I’m BATMAN!

No, what’s your actual real name?

(long pause and then in a whisper while looking to see is anyone was looking)

It’s really Bruce Wayne.


Story based on this blog post.

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