‘A’ for effort

Posted by  Mark Schenk —February 21, 2013
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As a manager, I have always had a lot of time for people who might not be overly talented but who always try their hardest. Highly talented people who won’t ‘put in’ don’t get much time or attention from me.

This afternoon a workshop participant told me a story he heard last week that makes this concept come to life.

I had always been an average footballer but I love the game and always try to give 100%. Last year I played in a team full of much more talented players than me and we made it through to the grand final. I had always dreamed of winning a flag and was worried that with the team at full strength I wouldn’t be selected for the big match. I spoke to the coach and asked if I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up for selection. Her response was “When I select the team, you name is always the first on the list. I know you will give 100% effort.”

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