An “I’m like you story”

Posted by  Kevin Bishop —March 27, 2012
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One of the story types we believe you need to be able to tell is the “I’m like you story”. This is a story you tell to build connection to your audience by showing them you are just like them in some way.
We find it far easier to build a relationship and a connection with people if we perceive them to be like us. It’s about speaking the same language, holding similar values, having similar interests and sharing similar experiences. Shawn did a blog about them, full of examples, last year.
Simply put, there’s a much better chance that when we think people are like us we listen more and care what they think and have to say.
With this concept in mind, please watch this video from GetUp an advocacy group here in Australia.

One of the reasons why this video worked for me is because it uses an “I’m like you” story structure to share how the relationship progressed.
The butterflies of the first meeting, the first date, shopping together, hanging out with friends, arguing over directions in the car, meeting the parents, shifting in together, the boring necessities of life in doing the dishes and hanging the washing out, supporting each other through the death of a parent and birthday celebrations with family and friends.
Some, if not all, of these things are the things that most of us go through in our relationships. It is trying to get across that homosexual couples are just like heterosexual couples, so why shouldn’t they be allowed to get married.
A great video and a very clever campaign.

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