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Posted by  Shawn Callahan —July 12, 2010
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When we started Anecdote in 2004 our web presence consisted entirely of this blog. We gradually built content, and a following, but every now and then people would say, “we really love your blog but what exactly do you do?” So for some time now we’ve been planning a website that described our consulting work.

So it is with quite a bit of excitement that this week we launch

In the coming weeks you will also see a refresh of the blog. It looks a little tired next to the new website.

Love to know what you think.

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  1. Tushar Panchal says:

    I have been an avid follower of your blog/website (this one) for over 5 years. I usually refrain from putting in a lot of comments. On this occasion I couldn’t resist.
    Visited the new website. I am sure that you would have put a lot of thought, consultation and participation when making a decision on the new website. However, personally I am disappointed.
    The new website looks like a “Consultants” website. Now I know you are consutlants, but I also respect your work in the sense that you at least try to stick to what you believe in when consulting, unlike some consultancies whose sole purpose is “billable hours”.
    The beauty of this blog is that it is a platform for communication with your followers and your clients. You are penning thoughts and stories. If people ask you “What do you do?” then being story-tellers you would be well equiped to answer that question in an interesting manner.
    If you are different from others, why don’t do things differently? Why do you need a new website? If the purpose is to internationalise, then create a blog with rather then the website.
    Phew! I guess enough for a Friday afternoon and apologies if the feedback is rather harsh. I will still follow your progress and the blog and good luck with the new site. Whatever you do, please do not dilute your message and your business values that are so evident from this blog/website (which is missing in the new one).

  2. Hi Tushar, thanks for your sincere comments. Yes, it was a difficult decision and one we considered carefully. I guess we found that different people expect different things. Some of our larger corporate clients want to see simple statements about the company. Others like to delve into the detail and follow our blog. As Seth Godin once said, reading a blog is like watching a movie, each post is a new scene and it all makes sense. But if you arrive half way through the movie then it can be a bit hard to work out what’s going on. The new website is to orient the new visitor.
    Our blog will still be our main platform for our ideas, which we are in the habit of sharing freely, unlike most consultants. I really appreciate you taking the time and sharing what you felt.
    regards, Shawn

  3. Actually Shawn I was going to write and say that I love your new web site design. It’s clean and clear. All of us working in this area, as much as we love to give away our ideas, still need to put food on the table, if only so we can keep on doing what we do! The fact is, in the past I had thought might be confusing to folks who wanted to know what you could offer, because it just looked like a blog, so I think this is an improvement. And it’s beautiful too.

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