Storytelling for business leaders workshop in Melbourne—23 September

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —September 3, 2008
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story_master_pip_web.gifThis workshop has turned out to be one of our most popular offerings. In the last few months we have delivered it to sales people in IBM, engineers in Allinta and have just received word we have been selected to deliver it to NAB leaders throughout the bank.

The great news is that you can attend this workshop in Melbourne in a few weeks time. It’s all about using storytelling techniques in a business context to improve communication and staff engagement.

We focus on three areas in the one day workshop:

  1. helping people find stories to retell. We call this prospecting for stories
  2. learning about different story patterns and when to use them. What is a vision story? What is a sparking action story? How to use a values in action story?
  3. practising retelling your experiences in an engaging and memorable way that suits the context

If you’re interested, just email us and we will send you a registration form.

The cost is $495.
It will be held in Brunswick
Starts at 8.30 and finishes at 5.00pm

If you want to learn more check out the workshop blurb.

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Shawn, author of Putting Stories to Work, is one of the world's leading business storytelling consultants. He helps executive teams find and tell the story of their strategy. When he is not working on strategy communication, Shawn is helping leaders find and tell business stories to engage, to influence and to inspire. Shawn works with Global 1000 companies including Shell, IBM, SAP, Bayer, Microsoft & Danone. Connect with Shawn on:

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