Business narrative workshops in Seattle and Boston

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —February 19, 2007
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Just a reminder that the early bird rate for these workshops closes in 1 week. Here is a description of the workshop. The full description and registration details can be found here.

  • What’s really going on in your organisation?
  • What are the touch points where small changes can transform behaviour and morale?
  • How can you access and transfer the wisdom of your workforce to future employees?

Surveys and metrics can uncover trouble in an organisation, but they usually don’t help you identify the reasons for dysfunctions, let alone point the way toward remedies for the problems. Instead, learn to use stories as listening posts. From time immemorial, stories have contained collective lessons in condensed form. When gathered and examined, stories that are told in your organisation reveal important themes and patterns that in turn indicate effective solutions.

This one-day workshop, led by Australia’s leading expert in story listening, teaches you to gather and analyse stories so as to see revealing patterns and use them to gain traction on solving messy organisational problems or reaching complicated goals.

After a full day of instruction, practice and feedback, you will have the confidence and knowledge to apply these powerful techniques within your organisation.

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Shawn, author of Putting Stories to Work, is one of the world's leading business storytelling consultants. He helps executive teams find and tell the story of their strategy. When he is not working on strategy communication, Shawn is helping leaders find and tell business stories to engage, to influence and to inspire. Shawn works with Global 1000 companies including Shell, IBM, SAP, Bayer, Microsoft & Danone. Connect with Shawn on:

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