How people perceive one another – a short film

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —December 19, 2006
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I was at the Christmas drinks a couple of weeks ago and as part of the entertainment we watched a few short films. All the films are available at but there was one in particular I thought you might like because it illustrates how we build stories to understand people and how often we are wrong in our first assessment. The short film is called Cross Examination.

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  1. David Montgomery says:

    Shawn, the film is brilliant – thanks for sharing.
    It invites us to think and reflect – a good thing in an age where it is all to easy to receive information without filtering it let alone either analysing it or relating it back to our own experiences and knowledge. It illustrates the value of questions not least as a trigger to help release unspoken insights (– tacit knowledge?) It shows how our filters are at work silently analysing what we see and hear and then referencing it back against what we know. Importantly, these insights are not universally accurate because they are based on incomplete information yet such insights influence if not govern many of our interactions/conversations.

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