“What’s in it for me” is more memorable

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —February 1, 2006
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It’s so easy to become insular having conversations with people within your discipline or professionSelfreferentialal practice. To guard against this malady I went looking for interesting blogs in the field of neuroscience to see what they could tell me about how people learn. Well I found some good ones.

Eide Neurolearning Blog is focussed on education. One post that caught my eye was the neuroscience finding that personal information is better remembered than general information. As Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide say:

The figure [to the right] shows the brain activity differences in subjects either reading a list of personality traits or reading and reflecting whether the traits applied to them (e.g. good, kind vs. Am I good? Am I kind?). Self-referential information is remembered best.

This perhaps explains why people find social network charts meaningful because they can see themselves represented and see how they are related to their colleagues.

The other neuroscience blog worth keeping an eye on is Brain Waves by Zack Lynch. This seems to be a news blog keeping you abreast of neuroscience happenings from a business, society and technology perspective. This is where I found the link to Eide’s blog.

Do you know of other good neuroscience blogs you would like to share with us?

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