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Posted by  Shawn Callahan —January 9, 2006
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Kathy Sierra over at Creating Passionate Users (one of my favourite blogs) has a learning blog:

“A blog that shares what you know, to help others. Even—or especially—if that means giving away your ‘secrets.’”

Here at Anecdote we’ve had a similar approach. I remember a few years ago reading a book called Knowledge Assets by Max Boisot and was taken by his argument that slow industries benefited from locking away knowledge while fast industries benefit from maintaining a cycle of knowledge creation, sharing and adoption. Sharing what you know is the best way to be in a position to create more. Also, what was useful 6 months ago in a fast industry is old hat today. Those squirrelling away their knowledge assets quickly become irrelevant. Check out Boisot’s I-space to understand his point of view more fully.

The rest of Kathy’s post is about what she knows about learning theory. Well worth a look.

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