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Posted by  Shawn Callahan —May 21, 2005
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I remember, while working at IBM, that only the people ‘in the know’ had internal blogs. And those in the know were the thousands of technical experts who dominate the company. Well it looks like blogging is becoming mainstream in Big Blue. According to whatsnextblog IBM has released to employees blogging guidelines. Worth checking out as I see blogging as an integral part of connecting and learning inside an organisation. It will be interesting to see whether my old colleagues from business consulting services start blogging. I had the feeling that they were reluctant to embrace new technologies.

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  1. ag says:

    Hi Shawn – yes, it was a big surprise to see it go so mainstream the same day we were encouraged to download firefox. There are a heap of company blogs but interestingly most of them seem to come out of the software community. I’m not inclined to move my personal one into the business sphere but you might be interested in Irving Wladawsky-Berger’s new blog

  2. Ros says:

    Shawn, Tim Blair reports on Dept of Defence’s banning of blogs so had to pass on your Big Blue story and refernce.

  3. Hi Ros, is Tim Blair’s report available online?

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