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Posted by  Shawn Callahan —January 5, 2005
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E:CO is a new journal exploring the theory and practice of applying complexity science concepts to organisational issues. The entire content of the current issue is available online. Interestingly it includes a section called ‘classic papers’ featuring Ross Ashby’s (Ashby’s law a requisite variety) 1962 paper, Principles of Self-organizing Systems.

I think the following papers are some of the modern classics in this field.

Kauffman, S.A.and W. Macready. 1995. “Technological Evolution and Adaptive Organizations.” Complexity 1(2):26-43.

Kurtz, C.and D. Snowden. 2003. “The New Dynamics of Strategy: Sense-making in a Complex-Complicated World.” IBM Systems Journal 42(3):462-483.

Stacey, R.D. 1995. “The Science of Complexity – an Alternative Perspective for Strategic Change Processes.” Strategic Management Journal 16(6):477-495.

What would you regard as ‘classic’ references in the field of organisational complexity?

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