How to be memorable and inspire action at work by telling stories

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —May 13, 2009
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WP_VitalRole.gifThanks to all my Twitter friends who helped me refine this article. It was a fun process that reinforces for me the strength of social computing approaches for collaboration.

The main purpose of this whitepaper is to introduce senior leaders to the idea of business storytelling and demonstrate its importance, especially in the increasingly complex and unpredictable world we live in. It also provides some approaches to how you find and recount your experiences in a business context.

I encourage you to send a copy to your CEO, or better still your CFO and CIO, and help them realise that people only remember what they feel and despite the painful sounding name, people don’t feel bullet points.

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Shawn, author of Putting Stories to Work, is one the world's leading business storytelling consultants. He helps executive teams find and tell the story of their strategy. When he is not working on strategy communication, Shawn is helping leaders find and tell business stories to engage, to influence and to inspire. Shawn works with Global 1000 companies including Shell, IBM, SAP, Bayer, Microsoft & Danone. Connect with Shawn on:

One Response to “How to be memorable and inspire action at work by telling stories”

  1. Terri Rains Says:

    Great topic. Nice paper. A lot of truth!
    There isn’t anything quite like good storytelling to make a point–and to be truly memorable.
    A little narrative action can be transformative. It really connects with people!

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