189 – The last raiders of the lost ark – Harrison Ford – Gary Marshall

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Sometime we just have to throw plans out the window as circumstances change. Blistering temperatures in Tunisia caused the simplification of a now iconic fight scene. Join Shawn and Mark for a discussion on scimitars, cinemas and movie stars.

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Perennial Raiders of the Lost Ark franchise

Could Dial of Destiny be the last of the last?

Signature fight scene in 1981 – think Crocodile Dundee too

During Raiders of the Lost Ark shoot in Tunisia, temperatures soared to 50 degrees celsius

Harrison Ford was not up for an extended fight scene

Brainstorm came out with ‘Hey, Indiana Jones has a gun!’

Scimitar bravado and skill performance was hilariously ended with a single gunshot

Now seminal scene

Sometimes the best answer is the short and simple one

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