146 – The Assistant Director’s cut

Trust those around you; as a leader, you don’t always need to make the final decision. Listen to hear how an actor handles starring in and directing a movie.


Shawn’s in the United States, so Anecdote Principal Rob Grundel is temporarily taking over as Mark’s Anecdotally Speaking cohost. And this week, Rob shares a story about how Michael B. Jordan has directed and starred in Creed III

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Michael B. Jordan has been the star of the three Creed movies. And for the third movie in the boxing franchise, which is yet to be released, Michael starred as Adonis Creed and directed the film. It was his first Director role.

He was on Desus & Mero’s New York talk show in December last year. The set looked like a neighbourhood store, so the interview was informal and relaxed.

At one point, Desus asked, “What’s it like both starring in a high action movie and directing it?”

Michael explained, “For the boxing scenes, I’ve got all my gear on, there’s all this choreography to work out, and I really have to be there, acting. So, in those scenes, what I say to my Assistant Director is, ‘You got it.’”

He then explained that the phrase meant the Assistant Director would not only shoot the scene but review the playback and make the call of whether or not they got the scene.

Michael and his Assistant Director had agreed that Michael would be really clear about when the Assistant Director had that authority and when not.

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