087 – Corporate Storytelling—Culture change and change management with Tully Cashman

Change in an organisation can be difficult. Listen to hear Tully Cashman divulge key story strategies he has implemented at Cargill, after working with Anecdote.

Welcome to the sixth episode of our Anecdotally SpeakingCorporate Storytelling series! The series celebrates the paper we released at the end of October titled Corporate Storytelling—The Essential Guide. It is our definitive guide to corporate storytelling and delves into the myriad of ways you can apply storytelling in a business context. To access the paper, click here!

Thank you to Tully Cashman for being part of this episode. To connect with Tully, click here.

Next week, Melodie Potts Rosevear, CEO at Teach for Australia, will join us. Melodie has built a not-for-profit from scratch into a sustainable force—something that is achieved only with insight and effective strategy. We are looking forward to sharing Melodie’s experiences in strategy development and communication. Make sure you tune in next week to hear one of our last guest episodes for 2020!

About  Anecdote International

Anecdote International is a global training and consulting company, specialising in utilising storytelling to bring humanity back to the workforce. Anecdote is now unique in having a global network of over 60 partners in 28 countries, with their learning programs translated into 11 languages, and customers who incorporate these programs into their leadership and sales enablement activities.

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