Practicing great customer service, one story at a time

Posted by  chandni —January 9, 2009
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Many posts ago, we shared the example of the Ritz Carlton demonstrating that ‘A company that values customer service should be teeming with customer service stories’.

Here’s another living example: Sparkspace

They have created a dedicated blog to record remarkable customer service. This is how they started with the idea.

We’ve challenged our company to create 100 customer service “sparks” over 100 days. The sparks can be simple gestures or grand WOW experiences. The catch is that they must be something we may not have done before this challenge.

Isn’t it just a wonderful way to engage staff in doing the right thing and inspiring good action (through stories of their colleagues). And this can be so easy to implement.

Not a bad challenge to start the new year with!

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  1. John Ely says:

    Great idea!! I have a “Spark” of my own to add to the blog. It’s on the way now!

  2. Mark Henson says:

    Thanks for the kudos for our 100SPARKS project! We are more than half-way through and it has been challenging, fun, and rewarding beyond belief. We thought we were pretty good at service before, but we have really cemented our culture of service with this initiative. I can’t recommend it strongly enough to anybody who wants to improve their service.
    The concept is simple. Just challenge your team and hold yourselves accountable to finish the challenge. I can’t wait to see what you can do!

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