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Posted by  chandni —November 11, 2008
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One of the things people find most valuable about our Building a Collaborative Workplace workshop is that it gives them a good solid understanding of what makes collaboration possible and some practical ideas on getting started.

Most people are web 2.0 savvy. They use or know someone who uses a set of tools to share information – social bookmarking, google docs, blogging, wikis, and so on. Yet there are the few for whom communication starts and ends with email.

Here’s a list of 9 collaboration tools you can introduce your colleagues. These Common Craft videos make it easy to explain and so much fun to watch. And people really get it.

Some more ideas:

  • Here’s a list of the top 100 learning tools available so you have more choice
  • If you have a tight budget and minimum IT support, try It’s quick and easy to use.

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  1. Roberta says:

    Thanks for this Chandni. I’ve been looking for something to start introducing these new tools to our tools. These videos explain the tools so well – perfect timing! It’s like you read my mind…

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