Storytelling for Business Leaders Workshop in Sydney

Posted by  chandni —April 7, 2008
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We can all tell stories about our childhood quite easily.
What about our work, our workplace, our business? That seems far from easy. People tend to use PowerPoint over PowerPoint to convey their ideas.
At Anecdote, we’re always finding ways to help people bring back stories to the workplace. Here’s some areas of storytelling that we’ll be discussing on April 16.
▪ How does one tell a story?
▪ How can you find stories to tell at work?
▪ What stories should one tell when one wants to communicate values?
▪ What stories can help you introduce yourself to an audience?
▪ How can you build trust by telling stories?
▪ How can you help people see ‘the big picture’ through stories?
▪ How can you use stories to make a difference?
Join us in Sydney for a workshop on Storytelling for Business Leaders. Download registration form
It’ll be fun and you’ll discover stories you can share about yourself and your work!

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  1. Jann Freed Says:

    Storytelling is so important for leaders in order to shape the culture. Thanks.

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