A poem about Anecdote

Posted by  Daryl Cook —April 3, 2008
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Matt Moore, a good friend of ours, kindly offered to write a poem about Anecdote.
So that he had some material to work with, Matt suggested that all of the Anecdoters keep ‘experience’ diaries for a week. At the end of each day, each of us wrote down our most memorable emotions from the day (joy, surprise, frustration), and things we saw, heard, smelt, tasted and touched. At the end of the week each Anecdoter had the chance to go back over their experience diary and choose what they wanted to share (with Matt and/or other Anecdoters).
Here is the poem Matt has written inspired by our comments:
The Long Tale
Once upon a time,
a long way away,
there were five stories.
It has been said that
there are only seven plots
in our word world
but all I know is that
there were these five stories.
Each story started off as a whisper,
a rumour then a rumour of a rumor.
As each story was told and retold,
it grew and grew and grew.
There are boy stories and girl stories,
grown up stories and baby stories
(and just to be clear on this:
a boy story is not the same
as a story about boys).
Boy stories are loud and blue.
Their ends are loose and untied.
Events happen with little thought.
a blur of testosterone and muddy knees.
Girl stories are more considered,
in the pink not necessarily rose-tinted.
Their details finer, their voices are softer.
They need light and air as much as boys.
Old stories are wrinkled
with layers of circumstance.
They have been passed from mouth to ear to mouth.
Some say that the old stories are the best.
Baby stories are never fully formed.
They sit in bits and grow in fits.
Their meaning hardens with the calcium of time
and you can never tell how they will turn out.
Once upon a time,
there were five stories
and although they have started,
they aren’t finished yet.

Thanks Matt, we love it! What do you think readers?

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  1. tjoyce Says:

    Awesome. Doubly so, considering Matt is an engineer.

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