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Posted by  Shawn Callahan —February 11, 2006
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I was visiting Beverly Trayner’s blog today and noticed that she references a set of Nancy White’s tags on communities of practice. I think this is an excellent idea. If you are unfamiliar with think it of a website where you can bookmark websites that interest you and everyone else can see what you’ve bookmarked. You then categorise your bookmarks with tags. Here are some of Nancy’s (choconancy is her username and part time addiction) community of practice tags:

I haven’t been as organised as Nancy with my tagging but you are welcomed to have a look at the mishmash of things I’ve found interesting on the web:

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  1. Nancy White says:

    Here’s a couple more if you are interested in facilitation – these are being compiled by an ad hoc group of us interested in how we can have more productive online conversations, particularly in blogs. It is interesting to note that many of the links are about things NOT working. I wish I found more about what IS working! 🙂 Maybe not enough chocolate. Anyway, this shows the power of collective tagging. (around conflict in conversation) – more of the same

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